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Dog Engagement Ideas: 17 Ways to Have a Proposal With Your Dog

From simple gestures to elaborate plans, there are so many dog engagement ideas, especially if you want to include your furry friend when you pop the question. 

In this post, you can learn all about 17 of the most fun ways to have a proposal with your dog involved. As a pet wedding attendant, I have a soft spot for involving a furry friend in your big day, and having them there for your proposal is the perfect first step!

Whether you’re looking for your pup to assist you with the ring or you want them to help you completely pop the question, this post has a great idea for you. Keep reading to learn all about the best dog engagement ideas!

Dog Engagement Ideas: How to Incorporate Your Dog in Your Proposal

Your dog holds the ring

Let’s start with one of the most classic engagement ideas with your dog: having your pup hold the ring! This approach will allow your dog to play a significant role in this moment, which will stay with you for your entire life.

You can train your pup to bring the ring to your partner at the designated time, which can be a heartwarming and personal touch. Plus, it can be a great bonding experience for you and your dog during the training sessions.

Have your dog pop the question

You could also completely have your dog pop the question for you! Make a sign that you can hang around your dog’s neck (loosely) that says, “Will you marry me?” is an extremely adorable way to ask your partner to marry them. Plus, it’s heartfelt! And let’s be honest, who can resist cute puppy eyes? 

As far as the sign goes, you can create your own or get one professionally made. Be sure, again, to keep the sign loosely around your pet’s neck and only put it on them once you’re ready to ask so that it doesn’t get in the pup’s way.

Movie night surprise

Who doesn’t love a movie night? This can be a really cozy and fun way to have your pup involved in your proposal. You and your partner (and your pup) can all snuggle up for a movie night, but instead of the usual Netflix, you can hit play on a homemade film that you put together all about your relationship!

As the movie winds down, you can ask your partner the question you’ve been wanting to ask. Your pup can be there with you!

Treasure hunt with your pup

One of the more fun ways to incorporate your dog into a proposal is with a treasure hunt. Send your partner off on a treasure hunt with your pup and give them clues to guide them throughout the city with fun stops that are important to your relationship along the way.

At the very end, you can be there to ask the question! Alternatively, you could be waiting with your pup at the very end instead of having them go on the treasure hunt, too. 

Puppy t-shirt

Just imagine how your partner will feel when they think that your pup is going to give them a quick cuddle but instead is wearing a cute little shirt or sweater that says, “Will you marry me?” This is a really fun, lighthearted way that will for sure leave a lasting impression for the both of you.

Get a painting

Another great idea is to commission a piece of artwork from an artist (or, make one yourself for a fun, homemade touch) that has your pup in it. Within the art itself, have the proposal message subtly in there. It might take your partner a second or two to figure it out, but once they do, they’ll even have a fun memento to always remember the moment that you both got engaged.

Dine in style

Have a fancy dinner at home with your dog wearing a bow tie or a cute outfit, and propose during the meal! This is another of the great dog engagement ideas if you want something more low-key and at home.

Make your partner’s favorite meal and dress up for the event. Get your pup a matching cute outfit, whether it’s just a bow or even a fancy shirt. Then, during the meal, propose!

Have a photoshoot

If you want photos to remember the moment, you could consider investing in photography and letting the photographer know ahead of time that you want to pop the question during the photoshoot. The more information you can provide the photographer, the better. Just imagine the photos of the look on your partner’s face when you ask!

The best trick here is to position the photoshoot as a time to get couples photos with your four-legged friend. That way, your dog will be at the photoshoot, too!

Customize dog treats

This is one of the cute ideas for having a proposal with your dog. Your pup loves treats… why not get some treats that have the proposal on them? Or even just say, “Will you marry me?” You could ask your partner to give your dog a treat and then when they go to grab it, they’ll realize what they say.

It might be a smart move to make sure you have multiple treats in the treat jar that ask the question just in case they feed the pup one without realizing what it says first!

Cook a nice meal

Similar to the dine in style option mentioned before, you could also both cook a nice meal together. Maybe you had pasta on your first date and could make homemade pasta together! Then, while you’re in the middle of making the food (or even dining), you could train your pup to bring the ring in at just the right moment.

Walk your dog

You and your partner probably bring your dog on walks all the time! Why not take one of those walks and make it your proposal? Go for a walk in the park with your dog and ask the question along the walk. 

Another option is to go for a walk in the park with your dog and have friends or family hold up signs with the proposal message. Your partner will be 100% surprised!

Fetch the ring

What if you play fetch with your dog and your partner and have your dog actually go “fetch” the ring? Imagine the look of surprise on your partner’s face when they realize that it’s not a ball, but it’s actually an engagement ring where you can ask the question!

Play frisbee

Alternatively, you could also write the proposal on a Frisbee and play fetch with your dog with your partner there, too. This would be exactly the same as the idea above but would be with a frisbee instead of a ball.

And honestly, if there’s something else that you always play fetch with, you could use that, too!

Replace your dog tag

Another fun way for your dog to pop the question for you is to replace your pup’s dog tag with a custom-made one that asks the question. This is another one of the dog engagement ideas that may take a little bit for your partner to notice, so you may have to drop a few hints to make sure they look closely.

Do a puzzle together

Do you and your partner love doing puzzles? You could create a custom puzzle with your proposal message and have your dog ‘help’ put the last piece in place. The last piece could actually just be a ring so that you can ask your partner to marry you!

Go on a hike

If you’re an adventurous couple, then this is a great option. Propose during a hike with your dog present as a witness. There are so many great spots along a hike where you can pop the question. It can be on the way up or even right at the summit. 

I’d recommend doing this hike ahead of time so that you at least know the route and know some great spots where you could ask along the way. Try to have a backup or two in case there are a lot of people if you want something more intimate.

Adopt a dog

Last but not least, if you’re reading this post and you want to incorporate a dog into your proposal, but you don’t actually have one yet, you could surprise your partner with an adopted dog while you ask the question! This can be an amazing double surprise.

Final Thoughts: Proposal With Dog

Hopefully, this post has helped you figure out which of the many dog engagement ideas are a great fit for you! Truly, no matter which option you go with, you’ll have an unforgettable proposal experience.

Better yet, you could even go on to include your pup in your wedding day or even your elopement! If that’s something you’re interested in, I’d love for you to get in touch. We offer pet wedding attendant services, which means we’ll watch and take care of your doggo to make sure they are all the right places throughout your wedding, so that you can focus on being present for your big day.


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