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How to Incorporate Your Dog in Your Wedding: 20 Fun Ideas

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Are you wondering how to incorporate your dog in your wedding? You’re in the right place!

Your dog is more than just your pet – they're your trusted companion and an integral part of your family. Incorporating your four-legged friend into your wedding day can be a great way to add a special touch to the ceremony or reception.

From having them walk down the aisle with you to getting photos taken together, there are so many unique ways to keep them close and make sure they’re a part of the celebration.

I’m a dog lover myself, and I have lots of experience with involving dogs on your big day as a wedding day pet care owner. Incorporating your furry friend into your wedding doesn't have to be stressful – with some thoughtful planning and preparation, it can actually be one of the most fun parts of planning!

Be creative with incorporating their individual personality into your event – after all, it's one of those memories that you'll cherish forever. Keep reading to learn how to incorporate your dog in your wedding day.

Wedding Day Pet Care

Before we dive in, have you thought about getting pet care for your big day?

Wedding day pet care is a great way to make sure your furry friend is included in the celebration. With Wags Down the Aisle, you can be sure that your pup will be taken care of on your big day! Our service takes the stress out of worrying about how to include your dog – we provide loving care so that you and your guests can focus on the fun of celebrating. 

I make sure that they get all the attention and affection they need. Throughout the day, you can expect plenty of cute pictures of your dog's day with us. We'll even do a meet and greet before the big event so we can get to know your pup. You can learn more about our services here.

How to Incorporate Your Dog in Your Wedding

First Dance

You can definitely create a lasting memory by incorporating your furry friends into your first dance. Whether they’re part of your wedding party or they are joining in from the sidelines, this is a unique way to make an otherwise “traditional” aspect of the ceremony even more memorable.

You and your partner could slow dance while one of you holds your pup, or you could have the dog join in for your first twirls around the room. A moment like this can make for some great pictures for your wedding album, too!

Getting Ready Photos

Getting ready photos are a great way to incorporate your pup into your wedding day. Consider including your furry friend in the photos of you getting ready for the big day. Your dog will be so happy to be involved.

You could have them just hanging out on the bed while you get ready, or they can even help you put on your boutonniere! This is also a great time to take some fun candid photos of your pup.

Reception Mingling

At the reception, your furry friend can mingle with guests who are just as excited to meet them as you are! Your pup can be a great icebreaker, helping guests get out of their shells and start conversations if you have some people at your wedding who don’t know each other as well. 

Depending on how comfortable your pup is with strangers, they could hop around the room and receive some extra love from guests or simply lounge in one spot while people come up to pet them. 

Photos Around the Venue

Your pup can be an excellent addition to any wedding photo your photographer takes around the venue, too! To make sure they’re comfortable and look their best for the photos, bring some treats or toys to the shoot. 

Don’t forget to get individual pictures of them, too, so they can look back on your special day with you.

First Look

Including your furry friend in your wedding first look is a wonderful idea if you’re wondering how to incorporate your dog in your wedding. When you’re getting ready to see each other for the first time, have your pup trot down to join you – they’ll be so excited to be part of such an important moment! 

Having them join you during this romantic occasion will create a unique moment that can never be replicated. Even if it's just for a few seconds, having your pup with you during this momentous moment will be something that you and your partner will never forget.

Cake Toppers

A unique way to incorporate your canine companion into your special day is by getting cake toppers that look like them! You can find custom-made designs that perfectly capture your pup's likeness, and they'll look so cute atop of the wedding cake! This is a great option if you want to honor your pup without them actually being at your wedding physically.

Ring Bearer/Flower Dog

Having your pup participate as the ring bearer could be a great way to honor them and incorporate them into your special day! Make sure to get a small pillow for your four-legged friend so they can carry the rings without losing them.

This could also be a really fun surprise for guests - we bet nobody will be expecting it.

Alternatively, you could also have them be a flower dog. Having a flower dog for your wedding is an adorable way to bring even more joy and love on your special day! 

You can take a few of your leftover flowers and make a flower crown or collar or decorate their leash with them. As an added touch, you can even get them a bandana to wear that matches your wedding colors so they fit right in! 

Drinks Named After Them

For dog-loving couples looking to give their pup a special place at the wedding, why not name drinks after them? You could have signature cocktails with your pup's name or drinks specifically designed to reflect their personality. 

Your guests will enjoy sipping on drinks named after your pup, and it's sure to be a conversation starter! Make sure to let everyone know why you named the drinks after your pup so they get the full effect! This can easily be done by having a menu sign at the bar sharing the significance. 

Greeting Guests Upon Arrival

What better way to greet guests than by having your pup do it? Your pup could be a great way to welcome guests as they arrive! Having them at the entrance of the venue, the welcome sign/table, or the gift table with a friendly wag of their tail and some cute puppy kisses will make for an unforgettable entrance. 

Plus, if your pup loves treats, you can have some on hand that guests can give them as an extra-special way of saying hello. This is sure to bring smiles all around and create an incredibly warm and inviting atmosphere just as your big day is beginning.

Dance Floor

If your pup loves to meet new friends, why not let them join the party? Letting your pup out on the dance floor can be a great way to bring even more joy and love on your big day. Your dog-loving wedding attendees will love watching your dog strut their stuff with you and your partner! 

Party Photos

Wedding party photos are always on every wedding day’s checklist, so why not have your dog involved in them? Ask your photographer to take some solo pictures of your pup as well as group pictures with them involved.

Dog-Inspired Treats

From a pup-shaped wedding cake to dog bone-shaped cookies, having treats inspired by your favorite four-legged friend can be a fun way to celebrate the special day. Guests will certainly appreciate the unique touches, and it’s a great way for you to show just how much your furry friends mean to you on such an important day.

Dress Your Dog Up For The Occassion

Dressing your dog up for your wedding will not only be a lot of fun and make you and all of your guests smile, but it will also make your wedding pictures memorable. There are fun wedding day clothes for pups online, ranging from cute bow ties to suits and everything in between. 

You can even find outfits that match your color scheme so your furry friend will fit in perfectly with the rest of your wedding party. Your guests will love seeing that special touch and it is sure to be a highlight of your wedding. 

During Your Exit

If you plan to ride off in a car after the ceremony as your guests wave farewell, consider having your pup join you. Let them hop in the backseat and cruise out as you wave goodbye to your guests. 

If you have a large enough vehicle, they can even sit up front with you! They'll be sure to enjoy the wind blowing through their fur and participating in your special moment of happiness as you and your partner drive away into the night.

Marriage License Signing

Involving your furry four-legged friend in the marriage license signing can be a great way to make it feel more unique and special. Not only will you have a once-in-a-lifetime picture of the two of you - and your pup! - there while signing the official document, but it's also a lovely gesture that pays tribute to how much your pet means to you. There are even some states around the US where your dog can actually sign your marriage license too! 

Walking Down the Aisle

Having your pup walk you down the aisle is a great way to celebrate your wedding day and honor the special bond you share with your beloved pup. From taking their time as they proudly strut in front of family and friends to pausing for a few pictures mid-walk, this will be an unforgettable moment that all your guests will cherish forever. 

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At the Altar

Alternatively, if you don’t want your dog to walk down the aisle with you, you can just have them accompany you at the altar as a special guest. No matter what option you choose, having your pup join in on your nuptials is sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Photo Booth

Photo booths are all the rage at 21st-century weddings. A wedding photo booth with your pup involved is perfect if you’re wondering how to incorporate your dog into your wedding. Some fun ideas include getting giant cutouts of your dog’s faces or even having them directly involved in the photo in real time. Not only will it be a funny and memorable moment for all your guests, but you can also get creative in the photos you snap.

Have Them on Wedding Stationery

Having your pup present on wedding stationery can be a great way to make the occasion even more special. Whether it’s an adorable graphic of their faces on save the dates, wedding invitations, wedding napkins, koozies, and more or paw prints for place cards at each table, you can have creative reminders of your furry friends throughout the big day.

Not only will this be a sweet surprise for guests when they open their envelopes, but it also adds an extra layer of sentimentality and fun that all animal lovers are sure to appreciate.

Give Them a GoPro to Take Video

Want to include your dog in your wedding day in a unique way? Consider strapping a GoPro onto them (comfortably, of course) so that they can go around and record some fun video from your big day. They have a unique angle, and you’ll get lots of videos of people being happy while showering your pup with love!

Final Thoughts: How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

Including your dog in your wedding day doesn’t just make the day extra memorable – it also shows your pup how much you appreciate them. With these tips and ideas, you’ll be able to give your dog the attention they deserve during one of the most special days of your life.

If you’re looking for wedding day pet care, contact us today! We’d love to help make sure that your furry friend is taken care of on your big day.


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