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8 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Pet Care Attendant

If you’ve heard the term “pet wedding attendant” before, you may be wondering… what exactly do they do?

Well, you’re in luck, and you’ve found the right post. I’m a PNW pet wedding attendant here at Wags Down the Aisle, and I’m here to shed some light on exactly what we do and how a pet attendant on your wedding day can truly help you.

Before I begin, though, and dive into what pet wedding attendants can provide, let’s discuss briefly what it is. Essentially, wedding day pet attendants make sure that your furry friend is involved, taken care of, and safe all day on your wedding (or other event that you have planned). 

Keep reading to learn more about what wedding day pet care attendants can provide and why you might consider hiring one!

What does a pet wedding attendant provide?

Stress-Free Care

One of the main components of hiring a pet care attendant for your event is that they will provide stress-free care to your furry friend! Your pet, or pets, will be fully taken care of by a trained professional who will make sure they’re safe (and here at WDTA, you can rest assured we love pets - I even spend my free weekends volunteering by walking adoptable dogs and at Pittie Project PNW).

Throughout the day, a pet attendant will be responsible for your dog so that you can focus on your wedding while knowing that they are fully supervised and content. This allows you, your friends, and your family to go throughout the day without being concerned about the happiness or safety of your pup. We know weddings can be stressful enough as is!

Involvement in Special Moments

One of our favorite parts of offering pet attendant services is that we can easily help involve your pet in special moments. There are so many ways to involve your dog in your wedding day, for instance, and we can plan your dog’s day around the activities that you want them to participate in.

Whether this is walking (or wagging!) down the aisle, joining photo time, mingling at cocktail hour, or even a first dance, we will be there to make these special memories happen by creating an itinerary for your pets day! And if you ever want some help figuring out how you can involve your pet in your big day, we’re happy to help come up with some ideas based on what we’ve done with other couples, too.

A dog standing on a deck with their tongue out. Around their neck is a bandana with flamingos on it and a colorful lei.

Behavior Monitoring

A pet wedding attendant will also ensure that your dog is safe and happy - this is a huge priority. We know that it can be easy for a dog to get over-excited or even overwhelmed, especially during big events. We will be there to advocate for them if they are trying to set a boundary about attention, feeling stressed, and more.

At Wags Down the Aisle, we also know what to look out for, like tail tucked; ears back; little growls; hiding, and more. 

Logistics + Planning

To ensure that you don’t have to worry a whole lot about your pet on your big day, a pet attendant will also get your pet to and from the venue, develop a full itinerary for their day, and provide end-of-evening care like dinner and decompression time to round out the day. 

In a way, pet attendants are pretty much like your dog’s own wedding planner plus one!

Photo Assistance

What better way to remember your day than by making sure your beloved dog is also in some of your wedding day photos? A pet attendant like us will help them pose for pictures and look at the camera so that you can have those incredible memories in your album for years to come.

A small dog laying on a deck with a collar and tie around their neck that says "Best Boy" and a bouquet of flowers next to them.

Food + Water

Obviously, your pet has to be fed, too! Pet attendants will not only keep your dog occupied during the ceremony but will also give them water and food throughout the day so that they are well taken care of.

Oh, and don’t worry - at Wags Down the Aisle, we also will make sure they get treats, too! It is a celebration, after all.

Complimentary Meet and Greet

Many pet care attendants, like us, will also take the time to do a meet and greet with your pet (within a certain radius) before the event day just to get to know them. This way, you can rest assured that your pet will at least have another familiar face around on the event day since we met with them beforehand, which can help relieve their stress.

Lots of Love + Cute Pics!

Last but certainly not least, pet wedding attendants will also give your furry friend lots of love and belly rubs throughout the day. Plus, you’ll get plenty of cute pictures of your dog’s day so that you can see what they were up to. 

We always hear that guests are surprised we’ve only met your pet(s) once before your big day because the dogs are so comfortable with us. We really make sure that we give your doggos all the love and attention they deserve so they are happy to spend time with us throughout the day. 

Reasons to Consider Hiring a Pet Wedding Attendant

If you’re thinking about hiring a pet attendant for your wedding or event, here are some reasons you might say “I do!”

You want to ensure your dog is safe throughout the day.

If you know that you want to make sure your dog is safe throughout your event day rather than keeping them at home or sending them to a doggy daycare, then hiring a pet attendant can be a great option. By hiring one, you will be able to rest assured that your dog is the only pet they’re watching after all day, instead of watching many!

A wedding pet attendant holding a toy up for a dog with another person sitting next to them. They are both sitting behind guests at a wedding ceremony.

You want to involve your dog in your event.

At Wags Down the Aisle, one of our favorite things to do is find ways to involve your dog in your event somehow. This can make for a lasting memory, and your dog will be so excited to be involved!

Especially for weddings, planning an agenda for your dog can make such a huge difference, so that everyone is aware of what’s happening for the entire day. We will work directly with you and your wedding planner or coordinator to make sure they are involved and present for all activities you want them there for!

You want transportation for your pet.

Unlike most other options for your pet on your wedding day, a pet wedding attendant like us will usually include transportation for you. That way, you can wake up and start your day while focusing on your event, while we will show up and transport your pup from your home, to the venue, or even to a hotel, and we will get them wherever they need to go safely.

You want to focus on your event without stress.

Lastly, if you know you just want to have a stress-free day (or have a day with as little stress as possible), then hiring a pet wedding attendant can be an excellent option. Sure, it is a luxury, but it’s well worth it to know that your dog is in the safe hands of qualified and insured dog lovers like us.

Final Thoughts: Wedding Pet Attendant

We hope that this post helped educate you about what exactly a pet wedding attendant is! There’s no better way to enjoy your big day than by knowing that your doggo is well taken care of throughout the entire day by a fellow animal lover. 

If you’re looking for wedding day pet care attendantsPNW, be sure to get in touch. In addition to weddings, we also do other events, too, like elopements, birthday parties, and more!

A group of bridesmaids leaning down and smiling with a golden retriever.


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