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15 Fun Tips for Writing Wedding Vows for Dog Lovers

A dog sitting on the grass in front of wedding parties during a wedding ceremony.

Are you looking for tips on how to write wedding vows for dog lovers? You’ve found the right article!

If you and your partner have a furry friend at home, then you know that your dog is truly more than just a pet - they are a part of your love story. Dogs teach us a lot as humans: how to love unconditionally, stick together through thick and thin, and enjoy the simple things.

As a wedding day pet attendant, I’ve helped so many dog-loving couples incorporate their dog into their big day. From having the dog present at the ceremony to tearing it up on the dance floor, I’ve been there for it all.

So, if you’re ready to bring your pup into the most special promise you’ll ever make, then keep reading to learn more about how to write wedding vows for dog lovers.

Wedding Vows for Dog Lovers

Start with a memory

Begin your vows by recounting a favorite memory involving your partner and your dog! You know those little moments you’ve shared with your partner and your dog? The ones that make you smile just thinking about them?

Start your wedding vows with one of those stories. This is an easy way to tug at everyone’s heartstrings, including your partner’s! It will also give wedding attendees a little sneak peek into the fun and special times all three of you have shared.

Maybe it’s that time your dog hilariously photo-bombed your engagement pic or when you all got caught in the rain during a daily walk and ended up laughing it off. These real-life moments show the fun and love you all share!

Mention Future Plans

Another of the great ideas for wedding vows for dog lovers is to talk about future adventures or milestones you anticipate sharing with both your partner and your dog. We’ve all had those dreams about the cool stuff we want to do in the future.

When you’re writing your vows, it’s a great idea to talk about those plans you’re most excited about - especially the ones with your other half and your furry friends. 

Make Metaphorical Comparisons

Compare the qualities of a good partner to the loyal and loving traits of a dog! You know how our dogs just seem to always “get” us? They’re always there, they’re always loyal, and they’re always up for a good cuddle.

With marriage, it’s all about being there for each other, like a dog and its owner. So, in your vows, you can say something like, “I promise to stand by you, just like our dog does for us.” It’s a simple and sweet way to say you’re in it for the long haul.

Bride and groom standing together smiling with their dog sitting next to them.

Include Your Dog

If possible, have your dog present during the ceremony or mention how they've been an integral part of your big day. Whether it’s incorporating your dog into an elopement or wedding, a pet wedding attendant like me can help out with that!

Use Dog-Related Language

When writing wedding vows for dog lovers, try to make it more fun. Infuse your vows with phrases like "unleashed love," "paws and all," or "tail-wagging moments."

Other ideas include:

  • “My love for you is as big as a dog’s excitement for a walk.”

  • “I promise to stick with you through the messy and the tail-wagging good times.”

These can be a fun twist to add a personal touch to your promises. Everyone at your wedding, especially those who know and love your dog, will get a kick out of it!

Acknowledge the Challenges

Similar to how our furry friends can sometimes dig up the garden or snag a snack off the counter when we’re not looking, life can sometimes throw us curveballs, too. Just as every dog might have its naughty moments, acknowledge that marriage will have challenges, but you're committed to facing them together.

Marriage, just like raising a pup, won’t always be a walk in the park. But you can always mention that you’ll stick together even when things get a little “ruff.” 

Shared Responsibility

Another way to incorporate your dog into your wedding vows is to bring up shared responsibility. When you’re tying the knot, you’re basically saying, “Hey, we’re in this together, just like we are with our pup.”

Whether it’s figuring out bills, deciding on dinner, or just cheering each other up after a long day, it’s a shared adventure. So, mention that in your vows!

A dog sitting on the grass in front of a metal arch with flowers over it.

Use Humor

As you’re putting together your wedding vows, why not toss in a funny dog story or even a joke? This can be a great way to lighten the mood.

Think back on those moments with your pet. Maybe they decided to roll in the mud right before shaking it onto you. Or maybe they even snatched a bite of the Thanksgiving turkey when nobody was watching. These moments can be gold for your vows. Mixing in humor with your heartfelt promises is a sure way to make your vows memorable.

Include Commitment

The kind of loyalty we experience with our dogs is really something special that can be the perfect inspiration when it comes to wedding vows. Consider tying in the type of commitment dogs have with their human friends into your vows.

Talk About Patience

Just as training a dog requires patience (it’s a lot of treats, a few “no’s,” and maybe even some funny fails before getting it right), vow to show patience and understanding. Marriage can have a learning curve with ups and downs, which calls for a good amount of patience.

Lessons Learned

Mention how having a dog has helped both of you grow, teaching you responsibility, love, and care. As owners, we may be the ones feeding them and taking them on walks; they give back to us so much more. They’ll teach us life lessons without even trying.

Pups show us what it means to care for someone else, remind us to enjoy the little moments (as mentioned earlier), and definitely teach us a thing or two about responsibility… like those 6 a.m. wake-up barks for snack time.

When you’re laying out your wedding vows, you can give a nod to those lessons. This could be something like, “Having our dog has shown us how to love unconditionally, to be there for each other, and to tackle responsibilities together. And just like we’ve grown as dog parents, I’m excited to keep growing with you in this next chapter.”

Promise Playfulness

Another of the great tips when writing wedding vows for dog lovers is to keep the playfulness alive in your marriage, inspired by the playful nature of dogs. Think about it - your dog probably gets super excited over a squeaky toy or even over a game of fetch.

That’s the pure, unfiltered joy they have, and that playfulness can honestly be contagious, especially between its two owners - you and your partner! That’s a pretty awesome vibe to bring into a marriage.

Think about tossing in a nod to that playfulness when writing your vows. This can be a way to remind each other that while life throws some curveballs, you’ll always find time with one another to play and joke during lighthearted moments.

Make Promises

Craft promises inspired by scenarios with your dog, like always being there "through walks in the sunshine and rainy days alike." Think about those simple, heartfelt promises that you can make through your vows.

Narrative Journey

Consider structuring your vows as a narrative, detailing your journey with your partner and your dog from the day you met to the wedding day. Try to write inspired by your favorite movies starring your dog.

You could even start as far back as the day that the two of you met. Maybe it was even something dog-related, like a chance encounter at the local dog park or bonding over dog toys at a pet store.

Then, dive into the adventures you’ve had with your dog(s). Round it off with where you are now, standing together, ready to say “I do.”

Use Quotes

Lastly, consider incorporating famous quotes about dogs to emphasize their significance in your life. Try to weave in a famous dog quote or two to add a fun, classic charm to your vows while giving a subtle nod to the furry friend who’s been by your side through it all.

Final Thoughts: Dog Lover Wedding Vows

Well, there you have it! Now you know all about how to write wedding vows for dog lovers. Whether you choose just one idea from this list or mix a few of them together, I know that you’ll have such a fun day.

If you’re looking for someone to take care of your dog through your entire day (whether it’s a wedding, elopement, or something in between), be sure to get in touch. I’d love to learn more about your pet and how I can help!


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