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12 Fun Wedding Day Photo Poses With Your Dog

One of the most memorable additions to your wedding day is to bring your dog along with you. If you’re thinking the same, then you’ll love this post about the best wedding day photo poses with your dog!

Throughout this post, we’ll explore a variety of dog wedding poses. Whether it’s a moment of quiet connection or a fun portrait, including your dog in your wedding photos can bring a unique and personal touch to your celebration. As a pet wedding attendant, I’ve been part of numerous pet-inclusive weddings. A lot of these poses come from experience!

Keep reading to learn all about the best wedding day photo poses with your dog. (And don’t forget to bookmark this post to come back to it for later!)

Wedding Day Photo Poses With Your Dog


Let’s start with a simple one: a cuddle photo! Cuddle photos are some of the easiest to capture because, let’s be honest, we all cuddle our pets all the time, anyway. A cuddle photo can bring an element of genuine connection to your day with your bet and can serve as an easy reminder of the everyday comfort that they bring into your life.

When thinking of a pose for a cuddle photo, truly try to keep it simple. Think of a natural or cozy photo that reflects your regular everyday interactions with your dog. A classic pose is the two of you sitting with your dog nestled in your laps, heads touching gently, symbolizing a shared moment between the three of you on your big day.

Getaway Car

This one is for you, Swifties! You could have fun and get a classic “getaway car” shot, which is another simple pose idea. This is a fun way to symbolize the beginning of your new journey together as a family while including your pet in this integral part of your new chapter.

There are a few different ways you can make this scene come to life if you have a car that you’ll be driving away in at the end of the night. You could ask your photographer to get a photo of your dog with their head in the backseat or slightly peeking out of the window (safely). Another one could be you two in the front seats, smiling back at your dog who is either looking out the window or playfully interacting with you both.

The Aisle Walk

An aisle walk photo is one of the other easiest and cutest poses you can get of your dog from your wedding day. It’s heartwarming! Plus, incorporating your dog in the aisle walk is such a fun and unique way to involve your dog in your wedding and really shows the role that they play in your life as a couple.

Just imagine how it could look. Your dog could be adorned in a floral collar or even a cute bowtie, trotting down the aisle, or even carrying your rings. (There are tons of fun wedding day outfit ideas for dogs.) 

Your guests will absolutely be so excited at a moment like this, and it will all be captured in photos. You could even have your dog walk down the aisle with your actual ring bearer if you wanted to make sure they stay the course!

Relaxed and Resting

Weddings are a long (but fun!) day. Your dog will be relaxing and resting a few times throughout the day. Amidst the busyness of your wedding day, if you can sneak away to get a quick photo with them while they’re resting, you can truly capture a calm reflection of the comfort and unconditional love they bring to your life.

Silhouette Shot

For a more dramatic pose with your dog, go for a silhouette shot. Because of the shadows and light with these, you can really have fun and be creative with them. Silhouette shots really show form at their most simple and leave details to the imagination. 

A fun way to get one of these could be you and your partner outlined against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset or even your venue, holding hands, with your dog between you. You could even get a cool shadow shot of the three of your shadows on a wall if you can get the lighting right! 

Family Portrait

Of course, this list of wedding day photo poses with your dog would not be complete without including a classic family portrait. A family portrait like this is one that will have incredible sentimental value for years to come. 

This is another one that you can really get creative with because there are so many family portrait pose options. For instance, you could be sitting side by side with your partner with your dog in front of you, playfully looking up at you. Or, you could sit side by side and embrace the dog together, showcasing your close bond. 

Walking Together

Movement photos are always some of the most fun because they’re so candid. You could try to get some photos of the three of you walking together, even if you’re just bringing your dog on a quick walk outdoors around the venue for them to get some fresh air. 

This can be even more fun if you have a venue with lots of outdoor space. Some venues will have great trails or even gardens that you can stroll around while you and your partner hold hands, symbolizing your union. 

Another playful option could be if you play fetch with your dog outdoors or even throw a frisbee for them to go and fetch!

Dance Floor

Dance floor photos are incredibly memorable. Of course, the chances of getting one of these great photos will depend on your pet’s temperament; some dogs will definitely do better around larger groups of guests than others. Plus, there’s the loud music and lighting to take into account, too!

Maybe you could do a fun dance while holding your dog (if your pup is smaller), or you could capture your dog in a fun, upbeat moment while you and your partner dance and your dog weaves around you.

First Look

An emerging trend over the past few years is having a first look between the couple prior to the ceremony. If you decide to have one of these and plan one with your photographer, it can be a great idea to consider including your pet at this moment!

Perhaps one of you can even be led to the first look spot by your pet, who eagerly brings you to see your partner. With the three of you, this can create a moment of so much excitement, emotion, and joy. You and your partner will be seeing each other for the first time while your dog is there, looking at you both adoringly!

Vogue Moment

If you decide to dress up your dog in a fun wedding day outfit, consider giving them their own Vogue moment! Get a photo or two showing off their amazing wedding day outfit with you and/or your partner joining in for the memories.

Nose to Nose

For an intimate pose with your pup, consider doing a nose-to-nose photo! These capture the unique bond between you and your pet and are an awesome close-up pose. A photo like this will work better if you commonly get close to your dog like this; it’s most likely not the best idea to try this as a pose if you’re not sure how your pet will react.

Guest Love

If your dog loves being around guests (and loves the attention), then consider having your pet pose with some of your guests! This is a great way to have everyone involved in your photos with your pet and can be a great addition to your wedding album.

Some ideas for this could include a playful interaction of guests throwing a ball for fetch, having your dog photobomb a group photo in a candid way, or even having your dog (adorned with a cute wedding outfit) greet guests as they arrive as their reactions are captured!

Final Thoughts: Wedding Photo with Dog Ideas

There are so many great wedding day photo poses that you can do with your dog. Hopefully, this post has given you some fun ideas! Of course, your photographer will also most likely have great ideas for you, as well. 

If you’re starting to think that you definitely want your dog at your wedding, but you’re not sure how to make sure your pet is well taken care of during the day, you might be a great fit for our pet wedding attendant services. Click here to get in touch!

A small dog in a full tuxedo sitting next to a floral-adorned water fountain at a wedding venue.


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